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Selectivity Pack TRIS

3 Selectivities with one set or with one column
Selectivity Pack TRIS and Column TRIS

The selectivity of the separation column is the most important optimization criterion of HPLC. Until now for the most used RP chromatography there didn't exist any column set with defined and sufficiently different selectivities enabling users to optimize their separations goal-directed.

This gap was closed by the selectivity pack „TRIS SEPSERV“ (TRIS = TRI Selectivities), introduced by SEPSERV on the Analytica 2002. This set is made of 3 columns with different selectivities, each 150 x 3 mm. The price of the set is 500.- € (30 % advantage).


The set contains:

1.  An UltraSep ES RP18 column of Pharm type, with high coverage (upper corner of the concentration/selectivity triangle),

2.  a (special)  column UltraSep ES RP18 M500 with a low coverage, exhibiting so called „Extended Polar (Matrix) Selectivity“, where  silanol groups become effective (left corner of the triangle), and

3.  a polar RP column of the type UltraSep ES AMID H RP18PA with so called „Embedded Polar (Amid) Selectivity“ (right corner of the triangle), where embedded amid groups become effective and silanols are shielded [see GIT 46 (2002) (1) 72].

In addition to the set the column „Column TRIS“ is offered for the first time by SEPSERV. The reason lies in the following: Sometimes the optimum separation cannot be obtained with any column of the set (corners of the triangle) because it needs a selectivity along a side of the triangle or coordinates within the triangle (for instance 352).

In this case, the optimum column can be easily calculated on the basis of the retention times on the 3 single columns isocratically obtained under identical conditions. With these retention times, the customer can order a "tailor made" Column TRIS from SEPSERV. 

Furthermore, one can combine optimizations of the packing and of the eluent with each other.

  Column size (mm)
150 x 3
Selectivity Pack TRIS (3 columns) 500.00
Column TRIS 250.00











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